Why fiberglass swimming pools are a great options over other types of pools.


  • Quick installation – Fibreglass pools are one of the easiest and quickest types of swimming pools to install. Depending on your clients location and the weather, they can be installed in as little as three days. Once it’s lowered into the ground, the pool is 50% complete. Concrete pools, on the other hand, may require at least a couple of weeks or more to complete. With concrete pools, heavy equipment is needed to excavate the property before pouring the concrete which can be messy and damaging to the existing landscape.
  • Best feel on the feet – molded fiberglass pools are completely non-abrasive and provide you with the best feeling underfoot. This eliminates the risk of suffering bump from abrasive concrete pools. This makes fiberglass a perfect choice for clients with children, as they don’t have to worry about hurting themselves along the walls of the pool.
  • Minimal maintenance – one of the main disadvantages of concrete pools is that they require regular maintenance to ensure that they will function safely and efficiently. Monthly professional pool cleaners can be expensive and years of maintenance can easily cost thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, fibreglass as hassle-free and easy to maintain. Typically features non-porous coating, the structure is fully protected from leaks and cracks. Its special gel coating prevents the growth of mould and algae so you don’t have to spend money on monthly cleaning services.
  • Durability and flexibility – Although fibreglass pools are considerably cheaper when compared to concrete pools, it doesn’t mean that they’re any cheaper in quality. In fact, they are incredibly durable and flexible. That is why they are perfect even for places with unpredictable weather. You don’t have to worry about them cracking due to abrupt temperature swings.
  • Wide range of options – Some argue that concrete pools are the best option because they offer more flexibility when it comes to the size, shape and depth of the pool. Finding the perfect design, shape, and size that the homeowner is looking for will never be a problem with a fiberglass pool.
  • Price – Generally, fiberglass pools are more affordable when compared to concrete pools. Fibreglass pools are manufactured on a mould followed by the building of layers to complete the product so the quality of the materials, the mould, factory condition, and quality of workmanship have direct impact on the finished product. It is for this reason that home builders are encouraged to only do business with fiberglass pool manufacturers that have years of experience, a proven track record, and long list of satisfied customers.

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